Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Poem: My cat

I don't often write poetry, and when I do it generally isn't worth reading. But a few years ago I was watching my cat play in the living room and this little gem popped into my head almost fully formed.


RIP Smokey - 1995-2010

My cat

My cat.
Raggy ear bit by a rat cat.
Scratching up the tatty hall mat cat.
Clawing off the hall wallpaper - bad cat!

My cat.
Crying for his dinner fat cat.
Chewing through his dry food bag mad cat.
Laddering my last pair of tights, that damn cat!

My cat.
Wearing my daughter’s party hat cat.
Intrepid balloon killer hero combat cat.
Stealing my seat right before I sit down flat cat.

My cat.
Tree climbing brave explorer type cat.
Sliding down backwards claws wide, frantic-eyed cat.
Washing paws calmly, “I meant to do that,” cat.

My cat.
Stalking dirty pigeons in the back yard cat.
Nonchalant in the sun, “Who you looking at?” cat
Eyes lidded, tummy stretched for a good scratch cat.
My cat.

© Julie Cavanagh 2005

1 comment:

  1. nicely said. That is all.

    Because cats own us instead of the other way.